The main objective of this course is to develop a general interest in students to the field of science, to keep the students in touch with the recent advances in science, to stimulate active participation of students to the field of learning science and to inculcate scientific attitude in them.

Levels of Science Club
  • Foundation
  • Basic
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
Why science club for students?
  • It develops psychomotor skills in students.
  • It encourages students to develop new ideas and to express their creative thinking ability.
  • It helps the students to analyze the current problem and situation in multiple ways with scientific solving method and their experimental knowledge.
  • Science activities help children to turn their frustration into creativity and innovation
  • By introducing science club in group activity as teams, students learn to communicate as a team and express their ideas to craft the best end result. By working as a team, students learn Team-work skills and Presentation skills.
During this course, students will be required to gradually complete the experiments. Nava Vision teaches Science to students by providing the following:

Teacher: Well trained and experienced teachers are provided by Nava Vision to teach students with their fruitful and cooperative way of learning.

Kit: The Science kit provided by Nava Vision consists of all the Apparatus/Materials required for each level.

Science Manual: provided by Nava vision contains the instructions and objectives mentioned in the manual for completing the project demonstration.

Online Videos: Each level science videos can be accessed online through our official website Our company provides a good opportunity.

Initial Levels of Science Club

Foundation level

In Foundation level, students are taught some real-life experiments through which a sense of interest gets developed in them towards science. This level covers whole knowledge regarding concept of density,solubility, gravity, capillary action of water, polarity of water, air pressure effect. This level provides in detail description, aim and method of science experiments with step by step explanation. The aim of doing these real-life experiments is to get clear with the concepts, to improve analytical thinking and then to apply in working models.

Syllabus - sink or float experiment || test of solubility || center of gravity || moving water || optical inversion || polarity of water || dancing fruit || lava lamp || a light match does not make shadow || dyed flowers || floating eggs || water melon pop || elephant toothpaste || bouncing eggs || non popping balloons || make it rain experiment.

Activity 1: Model based on air pressure {emptying water bottle].

Activity 1: Hydraulic crane model.

Note: Two Group Activities in Foundation level to improve team-building skills of students.

Age Group: 10+

Basic Level

In Basic level, students are taught the knowledge regarding concept of diffusion, osmosis, electrolysis, gas formation, splitting of water, etc.Students understand the concepts in easier way by doing experiments.

Syllabus - Escaping water experiment || free gravity water || ideal gas law || electrolysis || diffusion by using hot and cold water || fruit battery experiment || generate static electricity || drinking candle || osmosis experiment using potatoes || self inflating balloons experiment || simple barometer || bending water due to charge carrying balloon. || n0n newtonian fluids || coke and mentos experiment || pin hole camera || water does not fall.

Activity 1: Generator working model.

Activity 2: Wheel relaxation model.

Note: Two Group Activities in Basic level to improve team-building skills of students.

Age Group: 11+

Intermediate Level of Science Club

Intermediate Level

In Intermediate level, students are given basic knowledge regarding concept of light, refraction, dispersion, rainbow formation, conduction,etc. Each concept is taught to student by doing hands on experiments.

Syllabus - upright coin experiment || straw spinner experiment || baloon rocket experiment || cause of refraction experiment || fiber optics experiment ||formation of rainbow experiment || straw waves experiment || expansion experiment || leak proof bag experiment || seperate water into hydrogen and oxygen || carbon sugar snake experiment || electromagnetic train diy || multi boil experiment || effects of heat experiment || simple conduction || balloon car experiment.

Activity 1: 3d Topographic Map Active.

Activity 2: Model of Solar System.

Note: Two Group Activities in Intermediate level to improve team-building skills of students.

Age Group: 12+

Advance Level of Science Club

Advance Level

In advanced level, students are given basic knowledge regarding concept of surface tension, ocean currents, electromagnet, illusion of colors, water filter, light, effects of heat, soil erosion, respiration etc.

Syllabus - pepper and surface tension experiment || ice floats experiment || water density experiment and ocean current || create a water filter || air takes up space experiment || coin battery experiment || make your own electromagnet experiment || benhams disk experiment || liquid nitrogen and balloon || create fog rings || how to keep fruit from growing brown || detect iron in food with tea || carbon dioxide given out during respiration || simple erosion experiment ||analysis honey content || baking soda volcano.

Activity 1: Prepare vacuum cleaner tube model.

Activity 2: Model of laboratory distiller.

Note: Two Group Activities in Advanced level to improve team-building skills of students.

Age Group: 13+

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